March 19, 2024

Supplements are often overhyped. They're secondary to having a good foundation of Nutrition, Exercise & Sleep.
With that being said, they can be helpful for filling the gaps & helping us get better results. Here are some that I take & why...


Creatine is found naturally in seafood & red meat. 5g daily is going to help you get stronger, build muscle & is even good for brain health.
If you're working out regularly & eating a good balance diet, creatine could be a great way to improve your results!

It's also one of the cheaper supplements. You should look for a CREATINE MONOHYDRATE. This is the best type & it's basic. Some places will try to sell you more expensive varieties which DON"T do anything extra to help, so stick to a basic creatine mono-hydrate.

This is the one I take. It's the best value one I can currently find! You can grab it on amazon: or from most supplement stores.

Creatine isn't flavored but tastes a bit weird by itself. I recommend mixing it with juice, coffee or something else you drink daily.


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