Megan Plouffe

Megan Plouffe



University of Alberta Kinesiology Degree

About Coach

I began strength training in high school and fell in love with lifting heavy. I started competing in powerlifting when I started university and have since competed at the provincial level with a dream of one day competing at nationals.

Turning Point

In high school, I wanted to learn how to lift weights so I could build muscle after years of being a cross country runner. I found a strength coach that taught me everything I know about strength training- correct exercise technique, coaching cues, the importance of diet with training, and how to program workouts. He became a role model for me and inspired me to pursue my kinesiology degree. I hope to be able to pass on my knowledge and have a positive impact on my clients as my own strength coach did for me!

Motivation & Passion

Muscle is related to longevity and independence as we age - it is important for everyone to have the skills to build and preserve it. I want to inspire my clients to want to be strong and live a healthier lifestyle.

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